Trading through FXCM is now live on TradingView!


We added yet another broker to our platform – this time it’s FXCM! You can now trade directly from the charts; both live and demo accounts are supported.

* Note: this is available only on the new version of the site.

To trade through FXCM from TradingView:

  • Create an account with FXCM.
  • Login to with your TradingView account.
  • Choose FXCM in the trading panel and login using your FXCM account details.

You can trade through a live or demo account:

You’ll see 3 tabs after logging in: Positions, Orders and Account Summary:

We made a new convenient order ticket window, which you can open from the Buy/Sell panel, the right-click menu or through the Account Manager. What’s new:

  • Ability to specify the order in pips.
  • Calculation of potential risks, reward and risk/reward ratio.

* Note: Mini-accounts are NOT currently supported.

Please send any issue reports and questions through the built in messaging system. Choose the issue type that fits your case, the broker and order ID (if applicable). Thanks and enjoy!

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